Vex is an upcoming album by Aleksander Vinter under the alias Savant.

Although it was originally meant to be his last EDM album under the alias (with Blanco releasing EDM and similar genres from now on), it seems to be taking another direction, with a rather wide variety of genres being included.

Track List Edit

Track Number Title Length Notes
TBA (1) Fire 3:23 Released as a single on 01.01.2016
TBA (2) Cassette ?:?? Released as a single on 24.01.2016. The song has 9+ versions, of which 7 have been officially released. Only one of them (which is unknown so far) will be included on the album.
TBA (3) Savior 4:18 Released as a single on 04.03.2016
TBA (4) Forsaken 4:20 Released as a single on 08.04.2016
TBA (5) Get It Get It 3:50 (Ft. Snoop Dogg) Released as a single on 01.07.2016
TBA Sunny California TBA
TBA Nintendo TBA
TBA Autopilot TBA
TBA Tomorrow TBA