Not to be confused with Vario (Song)
Vario is the second album of Aleksander Vinter released under the Savant alias.

Track List Edit

Track Number Title Length Notes
1 Splinter 4:57
2 Vario 3:20
3 Living iPod 4:39
4 Mecha Blecka 4:35
5 Shadow 6:48 feat. Qwentalis
6 Storm Trooper 4:19
7 Hero From The Past 3:28
8 Antipixel 3:10
9 Ba-Da Bing! 5:05
10 Party Machine 5:39
11 Champagne 6:21
12 Heart Shaped Mushroom Cloud 3:39
13 Burgertime 3:03 aka "Savant Theme" (in some versions of the release)
14 Trust Issues 4:20
15 Fuck Nexus 5:50
16 Thunderclout 5:47

Trivia Edit

  • Vario is also the name of a fictional character (featured on the album cover) who appears in the game Savant - Ascent.

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