Not to be confused with Overworld (Song)
Overworld is the third album of Aleksander Vinter released under the Savant alias. This album had a Bandcamp limited edition physical release, with alternative album art, on 22.05.17.

Track List Edit

Track Number Title Length Notes
1 Overworld 3:54
2 Bad Baws 3:43
3 Megaboy 2:54
4 Starscream Forever 7:00 feat. Qwentalis
5 Quantum Mechanics 4:13
6 Arcade Night Cruise 3:35
7 Ride Like The Wind 4:49 remix of a Vinter in Hollywood track with the same name
8 Dirty Mary 3:45
9 Diamond Blush 5:22
10 Flashbach 4:00
11 Eggs 5:58
12 Destroy the Dragon 3:32
13 Vinter 3:21
14 Robot People Monster 3:58
15 Firecloud 9:39
16 Slaughterface 2:43
17 Breakdown 3:49

Trivia Edit

  • The character featured on the album cover is officially named Megaboy, which is also the name of one of the tracks in this album. He also appears on some official Savant merch.

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