Not to be confused with Ninür (Song)
Ninür is the debut album of Aleksander Vinter under his Savant alias. While it displays a lot of complextro themes that he became known for, it's one of the few albums to use dubstep elements.

Track List Edit

Track Number Title Length Notes
1 You Can Play 4:09 Remix of You Can Play (Vinter in Hollywood)
2 Bach to the Phuture 1:53
3 Ocarine 3:48
4 Ninür 4:46
5 The Third Eye 4:01
6 Gunslinger Jones 6:10
7 I Want You 3:37
8 Rabbit Whore 5:29 feat. Blood Command
9 Rollercoaster 4:05
10 Holy Ghost 3:51
11 Make You Dream 4:03
12 The A Team 4:54
13 Omni 7:37 feat. Vinter in Hollywood

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