Invasion is the eleventh studio album by Aleksander Vinter under the alias Savant. It was released song by song on SoundCloud, with the exception of "Broken." It was remastered and re-released in January 2015 as a pay what you want album on Bandcamp, and the remastered versions have since been released on all popular online music stores such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, as well as on Spotify.

Track List

Track Number Title Length Notes
1 Orphan 5:30
2 Upgrade 5:55
3 Invasion 5:20
4 Pizza Power Alien 4:04
5 Trap Slut 5:06
6 Change 4:12
7 Pixel Bee 6:19
8 Innocence 4:04
9 Basement 5:21
10 Colorblind 5:44
11 Return 4:20
12 1997 8:53
13 Broken 6:33
14 Desperado 5:35
15 Problemathematicalculatorture 3:47
16 Massacre 5:00
17 Killer 5:40
18 Dreamscape 9:00

Teaser Track Lists

1. Edit

Track Number Time Stamp Title Notes
1 0:00 Broken
2 0:38 Pizza Power Alien WIP
3 1:00 Trap Slut WIP
4 1:15 Orphan WIP
5 1:58 Colorblind WIP
6 2:30 Upgrade WIP
7 2:46 Massacre WIP
8 3:01 Change WIP
9 3:26 Killer WIP
10 3:43 Basement WIP

Alternate Cover Art

Before Invasion's release, Savant used a simple, PS2 style cover, without any logo/name. He then made a new, more detailed cover with more/expanded characters, a Savant logo and the name Invasion. The only change between the final artwork and the second one is that the Savant logo is more detailed, and the background is "softer".


  • Problemathematicalculatorture is misspelled on most versions of the album available to buy, being spelt Problematimaticalulatorture, as opposed to Problemathematicalculatorture.

  • Problemathematicalculatorture is a compound word of Problem, Mathematical, Calculator, and Torture.

  • Broken is the only track that was not released individually on SoundCloud before the full album released.

  • Although there is another unreleased track titled Basement, it is unknown if it and Invasion's Basement are connected.