Cult is the seventh album of Aleksander Vinter released under the Savant alias. The original release had only 10 tracks, but soon after, Savant added 4 new tracks to the album, which he labeled "japan bonus tracks".

Track List Edit

NOTE : This is the "full" tracklist available in the Savant Complete Pack compilation.

Track Number Title Length Notes
1 Robin Hood 5:03
2 Nightowl 3:13
3 Kali 47 5:18
4 Forbidden 8:39 feat. Kaster
5 Patriots 4:28
6 West Coast 3:39
7 Can't Touch This 3:05
8 Virgin 3:02
9 Chop It 4:19 feat. Gino Sydal
10 Butterfly 4:04
11 Catharsis 5:48 japan bonus track
12 Stereophobia 4:33 feat. Sikis, japan bonus track
13 Black Pearls 4:13 japan bonus track
14 Sins 5:04 japan bonus track

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