Cassette is a single by Aleksander Vinter under the alias Savant.

Track List Edit

Track Number Title Length Notes
1 Cassette (Eagle Feather Mix) 4:48
2 Cassette (Alectro Mix) 4:53
3 Cassette (Kamekan Mix) 5:08
4 Cassette (Nash Williams Mix) 5:08
5 Cassette (Black Snake Mix) 4:58
6 Cassette (Lil Vanizzle Mix) 4:50
7 Cassette (Notice Me Senpai Mix) 4:55

History Edit

Album Release Date D.M.Y Track Number Title Length Notes
Cassette [Single] 24.01.2016 7 Cassette (__ Mix) 34:40
N/A 29.01.2016 N/A Cassette (8th VIP) 2:56

Trivia Edit

The video for Cassette was leaked the day before release. The video used the visuals from the Lil Vanizzle video, and the audio from the Notice Me Senpai Mix. This audio mix up is reportedly the only reason the video was taken down.